400Nits 15.6'' Portable Monitor

100% sRGB High Color Reproduction


Two-year guaranteed. Technician support and after-sales service are available.

Portable Monitor IPM01

● 400Nits high brightness

● 100% sRGB high color reproduction

● Exclusive appearance design

● Use with all cables and all operating systems

● Light weight, portable and easy to set up

Who is this portable monitor made for?


Provides precise color accuracy and vivid picture quality necessary for creators.


Thin, durable, and easy to set up for the frequent business traveler.


Provides full graphical fidelity and fast response time for developers who need more than one screen in their day-to-day activities.


Brighter, bigger, and faster you can enjoy a better gaming experience on this portable monitor.


Your study sessions' new companion. Best gift for your children.

Live Streamers

Provides a more intimate and interactive environment for you and your audience.

Which is right for you?

Portable Monitor IPM01

FHD 15.6'' Display / 60 Hz Refresh Rate / 400Nits High Brightness

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