Time Clock

Finger Scan, RFID, and PIN Punching in One,

Offline Intelligent Time Card Machine,

[Set-and-Forget] NO Monthly Fee

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Biometric technology

360°Optical fingerprint recognition technology, accept false or reject the truth rate below 0.1 percent

Easy to use

3 setp to get start. Just adjust one hour to switch standard or summer time, it will adapt automatically and won’t influence punch function.

Economical and Environmental Friendly

Store up to 1000 fingerprints and 100,000 record capacity. Automatically generate attendance reports without paper time cards, one-click export.

Upgraded Performance

32-bit ARM high-speed processor, the accurate fingerprint recognition in less than 0.8 seconds and voice prompt. Built-in precision time crystal oscillator with power-off protection function, no worry about your attendance date security.

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Pen Scanner

Text To Speech Function

Helps Dyslexics To Improves Independence And Self-confidence


Voice Translator

The World’s Smallest Translator,

Take You Around the World

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Founded in 2015, SVANTTO specializes in helping the retailing industry boost their working efficiency and make work fun with advanced office equipment. We have all kinds of office products for your reference, such as Time clocks, translators, scanners, etc. In pursuit of reliable and stable quality, SVANTTO keeps focusing on forming perfect management and a strict quality control system. Qualified with CE, FCC, and RoHS, Our Office products are widely used in America, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia. SVANTTO office equipment brings a new level of efficiency and convenience to your business, boosting your customer satisfaction and revenues. SVANTTO persists to develop easy-setup products to help you Capture Your Customers’ Imagination with Convenience for a win-win-win situation.

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FAQs – IAM02 Time Clock

Why can't I download the report, it says "Insert USB Disk"or "USB disk operation failed"?

The reason for this is that the Attendance machine does not recognize the USB flash drive.

(1) Please re-insert the USB flash drive, insert it and then click Download “Report Sheet”

(2) The attendance machine does not support the format of the USB flash drive as exFAT, please insert the USB flash drive and format it as FAT32 in the computer.

(3) The USB flash drive has been damaged and needs to be replaced.

Tip: Please use the SVATTON USB flash drive included in the package as a matter of priority to ensure that you can use it properly.

What does my ID show that I have clocked in successfully, but I have not actually clocked out.

Please re-punch your card or register your ID card details.

This is because the information on the ID card is invalid, please do not leave the RFID Reading area too quickly when punching the card, please place it in the RFID Reading area for 1~2 seconds to ensure that the attendance machine recognizes it successfully before leaving the RFID Reading area

Why does my NFC or ID card not work?

Attendance machines does not support NFC, only support ID cards with a low frequency of 125K Hz.

Please ensure that you are using a 125Khz ID card, which is included in the box.

Why can't I enter my fingerprints when I enroll a new user?

There are three reasons for this problem.

It is recommended to use the index finger or middle finger to enroll your fingerprint.

(1) In cold weather, hands that are too dry will not be recognised, and if your hands are too wet you will not be able to recognise fingerprints any better.

(2) Place the finger in a proper position, make sure your finger is free from cuts and stains. If the registered finger has such flaws, enroll another finger.

(3) The fingerprint reading module is faulty, please refer to 2.2 for the solution.

Why is it that I have regular attendance but my absences are shown in the statistics?

Please make changes to your attendance in the attendance sheet.

There are two reasons why this problem occurs.

(1) Not record attendance correctly, please ensure full access to the fingerprint area or enter the correct ID and password.

(2) Clocked in the wrong time for attendance scheduling, please pay attention to the time when the attendance is scheduled and clocked in, if there is a non-attendance person clocking in on the same day, it will not be recorded in the list of people who participated in the attendance on that day.

How to calculate the accumulated working hours of each employee?

Automatic calculation based on shift time. Normal working hours minus late arrival and early departure time

Please check the attendance information and attendance ID card record information, if the normal Input ID numbers are not followed, there will be an overlap of punching.

Tips:Please try to avoid setting your password to common password settings such as 123456 or 11111, which are prone to overlap.

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Client Testimonials

Received package pretty fast. Set up was easy! I love the fact that literally less than 30 min I was able to input all 7 employees. Usb was pretty quick, excel sheets are password protected, so I reached out to support on whatsapp (as mentioned in instruction book)… in less than 30 min I got the password! I would recommend this time clock to small businesses. The best part you just connect, no hardware, no wifi needed… all clock ins transfer to the usb (included) and input to your computer and thats it! Easy!

John Smith

I love the IAM02 time clock machine!!! Simple and practical, just the main unit and a few accessories. Installation and setup are really easy, and the fingerprint sensor is accurate and sensitive. It is really great to modify the time and attendance report downloaded directly via USB stick, even better if the steps are simpler. The tech support service was excellent.Highly recommended!

Jean Jiang

I am finally getting back to traveling extensively for work. International travel is a mainstay of my day-to-day job. Having traveled over a dozen countries last year, I am frequently passing through multiple international airports. For both reading signs, trying to order off of menus, or simply converse eight with those around me this device delivers a simple solution for all of them. Is incredibly easy to use.Not only does it help me communicate but it also helps to demonstrate in my efforts to communicate in their language

Marissa Mireles