Founded in 2015, SVANTTO specializes in helping retailing industry to boost their working efficiency and make work fun with advanced office equipment. We have all kinds of office product for your reference, such as handheld pos terminal, thermal printer, barcode scanner, etc. In persuit of reliable and stable quality, SVANTTO keeps focusing on formed perfect management and strict quality control system. Qualified with CE, FCC and RoHS, Our POS products are widely used in retailing business in America, Europe, Australia and South-east Asia. SVANTTO office equipment brings a new level of efficiency and convenience to shoppers in your retail aisles, boosting customer satisfaction and revenues. SVANTTO persists to develop easy-setup product to help you Capture Your Customers’ Imagination with Convenience for win-win-win situation.


We build amazing products that change the way tens of millions of people live and work everyday. Help us continue to wow our customers, their customers and their employees. It’s an exciting time to be at SVANTTO, and we hope you’ll contact us about areas where you can make a difference as we transform the world to be easier, better, faster, smarter. Apply today. Founded in 2015, “SVANTTO” is a young new brand that not only inherits the fine traditions but moves with the times and introduce new concepts: Easy, Efficient, Innovative to Make Work Fun. We keep focusing on develop easier and more appropriate solutions on retailing, small business, to achieve the goal: Make office fun.


Two-year guaranteed. Technician support and after-sales service are available.