Introducing the SVANTTO Wireless Lavalier Microphone IWM01

Introducing the SVANTTO Wireless Lavalier Microphone IWM01

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The video you make is a direct representation of the audio you record. Having a poor-quality microphone can ruin the video, whether it be having a background hiss or a loud pop. Poor sound quality undoubtedly drags you back and meddles with your progress whether you are a content creator, vlogger, live streamer, podcaster, or educator.

In this post, we will take a look at the different challenges of video recording and how you can overcome them with the right equipment.


Problems in different scenarios

Let us consider that you are out in the wilderness trying to record a Vlog and you just are not able to capture the true essence of your surroundings, even though they have ultra-modern features like Bidirectional, Cardioid, Omnidirectional, and Stereo microphone. There are still unwanted wind sounds or sirens going off in the background.

As a content creator, you might also worry that your voice does not sound the same or there is a lot of confusion when two or more people sitting in one confined space start talking, what you might be lacking is a microphone that provides you with transmitters which are capable of recording multiple people talking at once without confusing between them.

Another hassle you might came through was unable to point the microphone to your mouth. In this case, it takes in sound from another direction as well, which weaken the sound effect.

SVANTTO's latest invention, the IWM01 wireless lavalier microphone might just be all that you are looking for.


One microphone for all purpose 

SVANTTO wireless IWM01 microphone can be used for various purposes.


SVANTTO IPM01 wireless lavalier microphone is compact.



Key features:

  • 2 transmitters(record 2-person dialogue)
  • User-friendly: 360° Rotatable Clip, suits all kind of collar
  • Distance: 328 feet distance
  • omnidorectional(pick up sound from any direction)
  • DSP Reverb Mode(spacious, reverberant input)
  • Noise buffer:3 Levels of Noise Reduction
  • Battery life: Each transmitter and receiver has 5 hours battery duration. 
  • Charging case: Provides approximately 2.6 times charging.(13 hours)
  • Charge time: Power tank: 2.5 hours; Transmitter&receiver: 2 hours
  • Compatibility: has Lightning, Type-C, and 3.5mm TRS interface outputs, making it compatible with iPhone/Android phones/DSLR cameras/Gopro/laptops and desktop
  • Wireless transmission: digital 2.4GHz



The IWM01 will provide a 360° rotatable clip that can move in any direction you want while being clipped to you. No more holding the microphone like it’s the 90s! This can be clipped on any kind of cloth, be it a turtle neck, a red dress, or a button-down.

SVANTTO’s IWM01 provides you with two transmitters that are capable of recording two people talking at once without confusing between the sounds or their pitch and frequency; Moreover, as the microphones are wireless, it throws your “cover the wire” problem out of the window!


SVANTTO IWM01 lav mic provides a 360° rotatable clip.


Noise Buffer

With its 3 different levels of noise reduction, you can decide what sounds you want to cancel out or reduce and which ones you want to enhance.


SVANTTO mini microphone has 3 different levels of noise reduction.


Battery life

With enhanced battery life, each transmitter and receiver has a 5-hour battery duration and the charging case provides approximately 2.6 times charging which can be summed up to 13-Hours! This SVANTTO IWM01 lapel microphone also charges up pretty quickly. The power tank takes just under 2.5 hours to charge completely and is ready to be used for another 5 hours. The transmitter and receiver would only take 2 hours completely charge themselves up!


SVANTTO wireless lavalier microphone can be fully charged in as little as 2.5 hours.


Compatibility with other devices

The SVANTTO lavalier microphone not just has all the features of its competitor microphones like Bidirectional, Cardioid, Omnidirectional, and Stereo microphones but also has lightened, it supports Type-c and a 3.5mm TRS interface outputs which makes it compatible with I-phone as well as with android phones. These microphones are also more than compatible with your handy dandy DSLR cameras, your Go-pros, your laptops, your PCs, and whatnot! So you can record your sounds not just from any direction you want but also from any device you like!

The Lavalier microphone supports DSP reverb mode that makes a sound persists for a determined amount of time after the original sound occurs, which gives your sound a spacious and reverberant input effect. It is also quite light weighted and handy which means it would be easier to carry along.


SVANTTO wireless lavalier microphones are available for a wide range of devices, including iPhone, Android, tablets and cameras.



Pocket friendly and affordable

Now you must be thinking about the price. All these amazing features and such big statements about bringing a huge change in the content have probably worried you that it must be quite costly. Well, you don’t need to worry about the prices at all. We retail our latest microphone IWM01 at 199$ while others go for around 300$ to 400$. Now that’s a deal not to miss!


Comparison with top microphones of 2022


RODE wireless GO II

RODE wireless GO II even though is one of the latest ones to pop out, still lacks a few things. For example, it is heavier than the IWM01 microphone as it weighs around 32g while the IWM01 just weighs 20g. It’s battery life lasts longer, which is up to 7 hours long. Other than that, the distance ranges in 656 feet. It retails at around 399$, which is quite some money to invest in a microphone when you have other pocket-friendly options available;

Lark 150

The Lark 150 comes with 2TX and 1 RX, with transmitter battery life up to 4 hours long. It weighs around 20.5g. While its charging time, battery life and other features quite similar to Svantto IWM01, it’s more costly. Lark M1 retails at 279$, while IWM01 retails at around 199$. That is some price difference you should consider.

Besides that, it’s less user-friendly than IWM01, since 360° rotatable clip lets you rotate the microphone in any direction you want.

 Having the best possible equipment for your work will help you create better videos and sound recordings. The wireless SVANTTO IWM01 is a professional quality condenser microphone that comes with some great extras like the shock mount, pop filter, and extension cable. All of these extras will help you create better-sounding videos, and making it the best choice for your personal or professional use!



Two-year guaranteed. Technician support and after-sales service are available.