Offline Intelligent Time Card Machine IAM02

  • 【Biometric technology】digital time clock takes 360°Optical fingerprint recognition technology, adapt to a variety of punch card environments to recognize in seconds, accept false or reject the truth rate below 0.1 percent.
  • 【Easy to use】Just adjust one hour to switch standard or summertime, it will adapt automatically and won’t influence punch function.
  • 【Environmental and Economic Friendly】Store up to 1000 fingerprints and 100,000 record capacity, it is perfect for small and mid-sized businesses with a maximum of 200 employees.
  • 【Green office environment】Without paper time cards to avoid record data by hand. Automatically generate attendance reports, one-click export, clear and efficient.
  • 【Upgraded Performance】Takes 32-bit ARM high-speed processor with 0 delay response. The accurate fingerprint recognition in less than 0.8 seconds and voice prompt.


Open a New Chapter of Digital Office

SVANTTO IAM02 is an offline version of the all-in-one time and attendance terminal with optical fingerprint recognition technology. So there is no need for ethernet connection or WiFi connection, you will never worry about corporate data security and employee information leakage.

Three-In-One Intelligent Punch Card Terminal

SVANTTO IAM02 takes a new version high-performance core processor, the strong compatibility and function expansibility support RFID, Fingerprint, and Password three-in-one unlock.
IAM02 has powerful data storage, RFID supports any 125K HZ of any ID card or RFID key fob, fingerprint system supports 1000 fingerprint information input.

One machine is multi-purpose, solving your attendance management problems.

Attendance Report Automatic Generation

IAM02 has a built-in 32-bit ARM high-speed processor, which automatically calculates attendance data without using any APP, and exports attendance report with one click through the USB flash drive (Note: To reduce your purchase cost, there is NO USB flash drive in the package, please choose USB flash drive in FAT32 to download reports).

SVANTTO IAM02 speed up your day.

Simple 3-Step Installation, Plug and Play

Step 1. Remove the mounting hardware from the back of the machine by unscrewing the set-screws on the bottom of the machine.
Step 2. Use expansion screws suits to fix the mounting hardware on the wall
Step 3. Place the machine on the mounting hardware and secure it in place with the set-screws.

IAM02 has built-in power-off protection, which automatically protects every data when the power goes out.

Manufacturer SVANTTO
Package Dimensions 7.8 x 5.98 x 3.82 inches/
Item Weight 1.35 pounds

Minimalism and Pragmatism

Only provide what you will use and pay only for what you need.
-1 x Attendance Machine
-1 x Power Adapter
-1 x User Manual
-1 x Expansion screw suits
-1 x USB Flash Drive
-5 x RFID Cards