Bluetooth Instant Voice Translator IDS200

  • 【Accurate Translations of native expressions】 Real-time Input Interpreter Support 100+ Languages native translator, AI Real Voices helps to improve listening and speaking. Talking like a native speaker starts from getting SVANTTO IDS200.
  • 【Compact design】Small size can take anywhere. Easy to put into wallets, won’t take up too much space. The SVANTTO translator can be attached to your phone case with a sticky back, release your hands, no longer holding.
  • 【Intelligent voice input】Support unidirectional and dual interpret. No problems in text translation or communication with people. Just speak out to the mini portable translator device.
  • 【Mutiple functions】Magnetic USB power cord instead of batteries. Support translation broadcast and automatic duplication. Get results faster.
  • 【Worry-Free Shopping】SVANTTO provides detailed operating instructions and function settings, read the user manual before use you will get it quickly. Every SVANTTO product has lifetime protection, if you have any problem please feel free to let us know. SVANTTO has a professional and timely English tech support team to solve your problems within 24.


Go whatever you want to go!

Have you encountered language translation problems in international business negotiations, and have you affected your business development in the cross-border business field due to translation problems?

Choose SVANTTO IDS200 and start business cooperation with 120 countries and regions easily and freely NOW!

Founded in 2015, “SVANTTO” is a young new brand that not only inherits the fine traditions but moves with the times and introduces new concepts: Easy, Efficient, Innovative to Make Work Fun. We keep focusing on developing easier and more appropriate solutions for retailing, small businesses, to achieve the goal: Make office fun.

SVANTTO IDS200 uses the best AI translation engine to provide up-to-date and localized translations. This smart device continues to learn as you use it. Whether you are traveling or trading across borders, the SVANTTO IDS200 is your best choice.

SVANTTO IDS200 Voice Translator Device

SVANTTO IDS200 supports 120 languages including: English、Chinese、Hindi、Spanish、France、Arabic、Bengali、Russian、Portuguese、Indonesian、Urdu、German、Janpan、Italian etc.


  • Support phone system: Android, Apple IOS
  • Bluetooth version: 4.0
  • Bluetooth Mode: BLE mode
  • Standby time: 30 days
  • Appearance size: 46*31.5*4.3mm
  • Product Net Weight: 15.59g
  • Battery capacity: 70mA
  • Working current: 0.4mA


  • What is included in the box?
  • 1 x Language Translator
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x User Manual
  • Install the app ‘Smart Talkie’ on your mobile phone (Compatible with IOS and Android), connect with your IDS200.
  • Make global friends without language barriers. It has unparalleled connectivity no matter where you travel.

Make your office fun now!


SVANTTO voice translator supports Wi-Fi, mobile data, or a personal hotspot to provide instant translations. You can use it in any foreign scenario: Travels, Taxi, Hotel, Market, Airport, etc.


An excellent and reliable travel partner. SVANTTO Bluetooth translator is easily put in your pocket or purse, also be able to stick to your phone back. Mini size (1.8”*1.24”*0.17”) means high portability, you can take it everywhere you go.


The IDS200 translator device will be your partner in daily life.

It would be a ring phone holder for traveling, working, entertainment, free your hands is now. You could put your phone screen horizontal to talk on Skype with people that come from around the world.

Get an IDS200 dual-language translator, start your wonderful journey.